Mill Run Vision Center

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Tracy Lynne
January 25, 2020
I came to Dr. Schecter four years ago when I lived in Dublin. Then I moved to Grove City so tried an optometrist in GC. Unfortunately, the glasses were terrible and I didnt like the way I was treated, so I went back to Dr. Schecter. I was extremely happy with my glasses and was convinced Dr. Schecter was the right eye doctor for me and my family. However, later in 2018, I got a new job and my insurance changed, so I had to go elsewhere again. Once again, the quality of those glasses was terrible! So despite Dr. Schecter being out of network for my insurance, I am back again because I trust him completely. I am willing to drive farther and pay more for my glasses because I found out the hard way that other eye doctors do not compare to the quality and service I receive at Mill Run Vision Center. I will not go anywhere else for glasses!
Jim Tillery
July 22, 2019 
Caring and professional staff. Great quality lenses and frames. Big selection.
Alex Brough
January 23, 2018 
I hadn't seen an optometrist in years. I came upon Mill Run Vision Center through my insurance (they accept most insurances!) and found the showroom, staff and exam to be exquisite!
Dr. Schecter is extremely personable and the reason we will never look for a new optometrist again. His tests were fast, efficient and he was very polite throughout it all. Dr. Schecter was patient as he explained everything happening within my eyes. He was happy to detail my astigmatism and how that would effect me with contacts and glasses. He used a range of effective tests both with machines and using his own practices.
After my test, his showroom staff were very helpful to walk me through their wide selection of frames. More importantly, they were honest in telling me what frames worked for my face and which were a bit of a stretch. Finding the right frame for a face is so crucial and I personally loved the honest opinion from professionals.
If you're in the Columbus area, I would highly recommend Mill Run Vision Center!
Louetta Shoemaker Morrill
May 2, 2017 
I have been using this optical center for years! Dr Mike is the best! He is very patient and listens to what I have to say about my eye Care. His staff are AMAZING! They help every step of the way from picking out frames to your insurance and co pays. Very nice place to get vision Care!